Scrap Metal Dealer in Birkenhead

Scrap Metal Dealer in BirkenheadIf you’re looking for a scrap metal dealer in Birkenhead, then you’ve come to the right place. With over 50-years experience – Murphy Scrap Metals offer a range of services related to ferrous scrap metal. This includes an environmentally friendly car scrapping service, crushing facilities, a 2×50 tonne weighbridge and an onsite skip service.

As a family-owned Birkenhead scrap metal dealer we pride ourselves in providing clients with an efficient and environmentally conscious car scrapping service at our de-pollution centre. The actual process of scrapping a car is not as simple as many people believe it to be. Firstly, it is important that a car is scrapped only at an authorised treatment facility such as ours. Any hazardous materials, such as the battery and airbags need to be removed and disposed of. Fluids must be drained and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and all reusable parts are also removed. The shell of the car which is a ferrous metal will then be crushed and recycled. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction once this process has been completed and we’ll also issue a de-pollution certificate should you require one. A ferrous metal is a metal that primarily consists of iron but will generally also contain other elements and metals. Carbon is used when manufacturing ferrous metals making them susceptible to corrosion, meaning they rust when exposed to the elements. This type of metal is commonly used in projects requiring strength and durability such as in the construction of homes, buildings and bridges. You will also find it around the house in many appliances and tools. Non-ferrous metals don’t contain iron or steel, are weather resistant and non-magnetic. Non-ferrous metals are generally found in most electronic devices; some common examples include copper, brass, lead and aluminium.

As a reliable scrap metal dealer in Birkenhead we also offer clients a convenient collection service that can accommodate any size and type of load, both as a once-off and a regular service. A collection can be arranged by either filling in our online vehicle collection request form or by simply giving Murphy Scrap Metals a ring.