Scrap Metal in Wallasey

Scrap metal in WallaseyWe recently removed a quantity of scrap metal in Wallasey¬†from a customer who had been carrying out a property clearance. They found a large quantity of scrap metal, including engines and old automotive parts. They knew that there were environmental regulations to be followed, and so had some concerns about how easy the process would be. At Murphy Scrap Metals, we have many years’ experience in removing scrap metal and end-of-life cars, and so we explained how easy it is to have scrap metal removed from homes across the North West.

There are many reasons why customers want Wallasey scrap metal collecting and removing. They could have inherited property, or be de-cluttering. It could be that they want to benefit financially from items that are simply taking up space in their property. Although our customer was having scrap metal removed from a domestic property, we also specialise in removing waste metals from commercial and industrial customers. Our clients can receive cash payments for everything from car and lorry engines, to disused machinery, cast and wrought iron, cylinder cast, and general metal construction waste.

It’s easy for scrap metal in Wallasey to build up without you realising it. Because the disposal of metal is strictly controlled, it’s not something that you can remove yourself. In the past, this has meant that companies had to be paid to remove it. It’s for this reason that people let scrap metal accumulate, taking up space that could be used much more profitably. Times have changed. We never charge for scrap metal collection, and remove it at times that are convenient for our customers. The metal is recycled in line with the strictest environmental controls, at a depollution centre in Birkenhead. If you have scrap metal in your home or business premises, why wait any longer to have it removed and recycled? You’ll be surprised at how quick and simple the process is. A simple phone call to our expert team can start the process right away, make it today.