Where Can I Find A Scrap Yard In Chester?

Find A Scrap Yard In ChesterIf you are trying to find a scrap yard in Chester, your search ends at Murphy Scrap Metals. We are a family-run business that values our customers and provide them best in the class services. We have many years of experience in all type of scrap metals like steel scrap, ferrous scrap and others. We also deal with end of the life cars at our depollution centre. We also collect your scrap metal and vehicles and deal with them in an environmental friendly manner. We believe in excellent customer service and provide best in class services to our clients.

Recently, a gentleman in Chester was trying to find a scrap yard to dispose of his old car that was at the end of its life. He was very busy and had no time to bring his car to our depollution centre. He called us and explained his problem, to which our friendly staff responded and helped him by collecting his car from his home. We brought in his car in our depollution centre and our expert staff dismantled it in the most environmental friendly manner. Some of the parts that were reusable were recycled and a certificate of destruction was mailed to the gent. He was really happy by our service and promised to recommend us in his circle.

We take pride in such service and provide same level of service to all our clients. We can collect all your scrap of any size and shape from your location and dispose it of for you. You won’t have to leave the comfort of your home. So, if you are trying to find a scrap yard in Chester for your scrap metal or vehicle give us a call at 0151 647 8578. For more information visit our website.