Enquiry For A Scrap Metal Dealer In Ellesmere Port



Do you have an Enquiry For A Scrap Metal Dealer In Ellesmere Port and you are unsure who to contact? Look no further than the local experts, Murphy Scrap Metals who have more than 50 years experience in the industry. Don’t leave the scrapping of your car or vehicle to just anyone. A car needs to be scrapped in an environmentally sound manner, Murphy are the leaders in this field in the North West.

In Ellesmere Port an enquiry for scrap metal dealer will be answered in a timely and clear manner when you contact Murphy Scrap Metal. The team here have been recycling cars and various other vehicles for so long that they have the whole process down to a tee. Their fully licensed depollution centre is also inspected regularly by The Environment Agency.

So the next time you have an enquiry for a scrap metal dealer in Ellesmere Port, keep Murphy Scrap Metal at the forefront of your mind. They will be happy to pick your vehicle up from anywhere around the Wirral, Cheshire and Liverpool areas at a time which suits you. With competitive prices and friendly staff, you will find out just why the service is so popular. Call today on 0151 647 8578.