Car Scrapping in Liverpool

We regularly receive enquiries for Car Scrapping In Liverpool from people who would like to use our excellent scrapping service. One such enquiry was from a gentleman who had decided-after much deliberation-to have his car scrapped;due to the cost of running his vehicle. It was a ‘H’ registered Rover Metro which had served him so well for some 20 years! The engine -being a Honda make- was still in excellent working order but unfortunately the bodywork of the car was starting to look shabby and he had reluctantly decided to part company.

Whether its in Liverpool an enquiry comesĀ for car scrapping or anywhere else in the area, we at Scrap Car Heaven have a very simple process for all customers to use in order for their car to be scrapped. Just simple call us or fill out our online request and a team of our ‘Angels’ will come and collect you are at a convenient time and hand over the cash as your reward for scrapping your vehicle. From here, you r car is lovingly transported to our depollution depot and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way; to arrive in ‘Car Heaven’. Easy!

In terms of the gentleman who wanted car scrapping in Liverpool for his Metro, we are happy to report everthing went particularly smoothly. Not only was the vehicle picked up in quick time and put through our process efficiently and smoothly, he was pleasantly surprised with just how much he received in return. So much so, he is now persuading his brother to get his old vehicle scrapped by us! That is music to our ears; a happy and contented customer!